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Teaching Binary Search Tree Algorithms through Programming, Proof, and Animation
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Opsis is a Java applet designed to teach binary search tree algorithms. Opsis is not an animation program; rather, the system uses visual programming in an abstract way. That is, the student implements a binary search tree algorithm by manipulating abstract tree fragments (and not necessarily just single nodes) in a visual manner. Opsis is unique in that it combines elements of programming, proof, and animation to enhance the learning experience.
Java Applet
As this applet is rather unconventional, I strongly recommend that you read one of the papers below and the user interface notes. You might also want to see some screenshots first.
JDK 1.0
JDK 1.1 (IE4 and NS4.5 only)
(The JDK 1.1 version of Opsis is more advanced and less buggy.)

As Opsis is a Java applet, you won't be able to load or save files with your browser due to security restrictions. If you would like an application version, download the GPL'ed source:

See the README in the package for usage.
  • Amir Michail. Teaching Binary Tree Algorithms though Visual Programming. In Symposium on Visual Languages, pages 38--45, IEEE, September 1996. [abstract/pdf/ps ]
  • Amir Michail. Imitation: An Alternative to Generalization in Programming by Demonstration Systems. Technical Report UW-CSE-98-08-06. [abstract/pdf/ps ] (Optional.)
  • Amir Michail. Teaching Binary Tree Algorithms through Visual Programming. Qualifying Project Paper, University of Washington, 1996. [abstract/pdf/ps ] (Recommended: this paper is the most complete and includes user testing.)

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