Opsis User Interface Notes
Here are some additional user interface notes. It is assumed you have read one of the papers on the main page.
  • you first click nodes/fragments, then you select an operation from the menu to invoke on the selected nodes/fragments
  • clicking on a state in the final state list (at the bottom) or in the history list (on the right) moves to that state
  • if a state is one of several successors of a preceding state in the history, then a text annotation "a/b" shows that this is state #a out of #b successors of the parent
  • clicking on such a state cycles among the successors of the preceding state (and the "a/b" annotation is updated appropriately)
  • the JDK 1.1 version of Opsis is more recent and shows empty subtrees explicitly as black boxes; you can select a black box just like you can select any other node/fragment; you can also insert a node in an empty subtree (provided the empty subtree is on the search path)
If any aspect of the user interface is not clear, please email me and I will update this page appropriately.

Amir Michail
Last modified: Sun Oct 4 19:03:47 PDT 1998